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You’ll find out how hard it is to read as a dyslexic

find yourself unable to speak coherently, and struggle to retain, retrieve, and organise information.

You’ll get a taste of the unhelpful behaviours

your dyslexic colleagues can face. 

You’ll also learn

that many of these challenges result in great strengths in creativity, problem-solving, and visualisation.

The workshop is great fun

educational, exhausting, at times intimidating, and above all a lesson in empathy.

It is suitable for anyone

who desires or requires an understanding of dyslexia and related conditions (dyspraxia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, ADHD).

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Your persistence and determination to increase awareness around dyslexia has been phenomenal at Dstl and across MOD. You have shown a real commitment to this cause and you should be congratulated on that determination alone. ... You lead by example, are an inspiring leader and a credit to championing disability in the workplace. 

Stephen Lovegrove

Permanent Under-Secretary of State

The session was brilliant - making the audience feel different emotions was a really powerful way to get the message across, the whole audience came away with valuable knowledge and insights. Line managers will be in a better, more aware and more confident position. This will benefit the staff they manage now and in the future.

Jess Mount

Team Leader

The workshop was very successful in highlighting the day-to-day challenges that someone with dyslexia faces when working in an information-rich environment. It has helped me improve how I interact and communicate with everyone, not just those with dyslexia

Alan Mills

Chief Scientist

An enormous thank you from the Army MA community. Clearly the military community are used to receiving briefings, and are therefore relatively difficult to impress. You managed to do that in your opening lines, and everyone left the room far richer in knowledge.

Major Tom Coker

Military Advisor

I tend to evaluate the success of any development experience by the number of people I have told about it without being asked, and for this one it has been plenty!

Charley Gough

HR Business Partner

Huge thanks, it was both extremely insightful and inspirational. You spoke with such passion and presented in a way that really immersed the audience.

Miles Hunt

Chief Analyst

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The workshop is an interactive simulation of dyslexia

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